Voor onze engels lezende vrienden:

Sun in Ghana travel Journey:

Our aim: to visit the projects supported by Friends of Ghana or Sun in Ghana.First Duayaw Nkwanta, then to the North, to Wa and on our way back in Cape Coast and Abura Dwunka in the South.

Four days to Duayaw Nkwanta, to see our host, Sr Comfort, freinds and some of the projects. After that we travel to the North, to Wa, to visit the rehabilitioncenter for physical disabled youth. The brothers of Maastricht(FIK) are our hosts. Then we travel back to DN to see more projects, a bridge, a waterpomp, the toiletbuilding and some other places. On our way to Cape Coast, to see the project at Ankaful psychiatric hospital and the Hospital of Abura Dwunka, where we donated some beds.

The day after we landed in Ghana we leave Accra early in the morning, in order to avoid heavy traffic. Our intention is to arrive in Duayaw Nkwanta early in the afternoon. On our way we enjoy seeing the developments.More buildings under construction, clean gutters, more sellers with all sorts of articles in scales on their heads or in their hands.

At St John of God hospital it feels like coming home.So many people come to welcome you, recognize you and shake hands. After diner Sr Comfort officialy welcomes us and we discuss the first project: childrens playroom annex to the childrensward. The money has arived, the builders have started and the toys from Kids Corners came with the last container.

According to the Ghanaian culture, we visit the Bishop of Goaso, our official host, to inform him about our visit.

It was again a fantastic journey, we spoke with many friends and people, renewed friendships, made new friends, we saw a lot, felt is is good to monitor the projects, it gives a boost to the progress.

Now to us to consider so many possibilities for support and select some according to our size.